Saturday, February 12, 2011


Okay ralph you fucking fuck listen here alright? I don’t give a fucking shit about your goddman court ordrsm or these new restraining bonds! Geezuz fucking Christ a man makes mistakes in trying to protect the thing that he loves the most! How was I to know that those teenagers would initiatie legal action, just because I burned down their how and maybe whipped them a bit?/ So what? Don’t they realize how much damage that big mac meal did to mothership earth? DO YOU FUCKING KNOW HOW MUCH? NO I DON”T THINK So. It’s because you’re fuckign careless. Fuck.
Fuck fuck fuck. Why did th state have to curse me with legal counsel that had tits for braisn? I mean if greenpace could get off of vandalism charges by using the “defender of the planet” excuse, surely you motherfucking think I’d be able to shake off an arson charge with the same defence?!?//
Goddamnit you pencildick. Where is you fucking mullet nyway? I specifically asked for a mulleted attorney to replace the one that I wasted that $100 plus three shots of triple sec retainer on! Fuck that guy and all of his sea lions. If he loves them so much why doesn’t he just fucking marry them all? I recognize their contribution to the biosphere but in my opinion some animals are better contributers than others.


  1. Better contributers? Do you mean something like a tax inspector or an animal working class?

  2. In my opinion the sea lion is completely uncomparable to the majesty of the mighty walrus.