Friday, July 8, 2011

A bit of help?

Wannabee planeteers,

I need your help on something. Lately i've taken to the goon as a way to save money while still avoiding the crushing realities of my day-to-day life. However, it seems as if my locality does not offer me any option, WHATSOEVER, for recycling the spent casks. The liquor store won't let me reuse them, and I can't think of any other use for them. Can anyone help? I've filled up my linen closet with casks and am now using the bathroom as storage for them, and i'm afraid that my eco-conscious mannerisms will get me evicted come next contraband inspection.

Any tips? Helpful hints? Send 'em to captainofourplanet ( a ))gmail. com

Mulleted crusader par excellence,
Da Cap'n


  1. today our prime minister announced that the government will implement a carbon tax effective from july 2012.

    so we here in oz are continuing your work cp, even if you are a now a dried up old wino.

    in an interesting parallel, the twitter hashtag for discussing the matter is #cp, which is also the initials for captain planet (and child pornography).