Thursday, April 21, 2011

Out on acceptable behaviour

To my adoring fan, I just want to tell you all that i'm back on the streets, ready to do socially acceptable activities! Although I may have been under outhouse arrest for a good month stemming from a particularly strange and weird vegan bash, I must ask that you please overlook any court records dating from that time that have my name on them.

I would like to say that i'm going to tackle the massive build-up of mail that accrued during my incarceration, but when I got access to my gmail account all I found were two e-mails. Both were coupon offers from Denny's. Although my last post might have been a contributing factor to this non-event I ask that you overlook that as well.

Rest of your e-mails go up tomorrow. The vegan bash story goes up whenever, but probably soon since i've been living the high life off of the $200 I get a month from the column I write for Mullet Monthly.


  1. so THAT explains why you still wear a mullet. it's your cash cow.

  2. Yesterday afternoon passed a marathon of your old television show, good times, right?

    And I started thinking, What happened to the eco villains? Have you heard from them since you ... "retirement"?