Monday, March 14, 2011


In the business of editorial cartoons, "Yahtzee" is where several cartoonists respond, within a short time span, to the same event with similar cartoons.

In the case of Japan's national tragedy, however, two incredibly stupid people have Yahtzeed in an equally stupid manner: by declaring the quake/tsunami/nuclear crisis to be an act of punishment for the national sin du jour.

Paul Watson, claiming (in a fairly opaque way) that Japan brought the tsunami upon itself because of its refusal to outlaw whaling:
And Governor Ishihara, who said that the quake was divine retribution for the sinful ways of modern Japan:

Warning: both links are extremely NSFW and WILL get you banned from the public library

Look out Phelps, you got competition!


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  2. WTF is wrong with people. I swear that we human get more stupid each day

  3. i don't think there's anything in paul watson's poem that indicates he thinks the tsunami is retribution. i do think that he should have known that a poem from him on this topic would be seen this way by some though, and that he would get comments from loonies like the ones listed below his poem.

    i think that coming from a sea captain, the poem itself is empathetic but fatalistic, unless you believe in angry sky fairies, in which case you might interpret it differently.

    the second link is less ambiguous, i'll only say that i laughed at how the guy was described as "Japan's reigning rape novelist".